World University Floorball Championships about to start!

World University Floorball Championships about to start!

The World University Championships are starting today! In Lodz, Poland, 13 teams from 8 countries will battle for the title. The streams are broadcasted for free on IFF’s Youtube.



Tuesday 26 June
11.00 Slovakia – Singapore M
13.00 Japan – Poland W
14.00 Finland – Czech Republic M
17.00 Singapore – Sweden W

Wednesday 27 June
11.00 Czech Republic – Singapore W
11.00 Slovakia – Singapore M
14.00 Finland – Japan W
14.00 Finland – Czech Republic M
17.00 Switzerland – Poland M

Thursday 28 June
11.00 Japan – Finland W
11.00 Singapore – Switzerland M
11.00 Czech Republic – Japan M
14.00 Poland – Finland W
14.00 Sweden – Czech Republic W
17.00 Poland – Slovakia M

Friday 29 June
10.00 Quarterfinals 1 W
10.00 Quarterfinals 2 W
13.00 Battle for 5th match 1 M
13.00 Semifinals 1 M
16.00 Semifinals 2 M
19.00 Semifinal 1 W
19.00 Semifinal 2 W

Saturday 30 June
08.30 Battle for 5th M
09.00 Battle for Bronze W
11.15 Battle for 5th match W
12.00 Battle for Bronze M
14.00 Battle for 5th match 3 M
15.00 Finals W
18.00 Finals M

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