UFC Fight Night 136: Mark Hunt vs. Aleksei Oleinik Live Stream


HeavyW (Worldwide)


HeavyW (Worldwide)

13-12-1 PRO RECORD AT FIGHT 56-11-1
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Nz New Zealand NATIONALITY Ru Russia
Sydney, Australia FIGHTING OUT OF Moscow, Russia
44 years, 5 months, 2 days AGE AT FIGHT 41 years, 2 months
265.0 lbs (120.2 kgs) LATEST WEIGHT 235.0 lbs (106.6 kgs)
5’10” (178cm) HEIGHT 6’1″ (186cm)
72.0″ (183cm) REACH 80.0″ (203cm)

UFC Fight Night 136: Mark Hunt vs. Aleksei Oleinik Live Stream

The first UFC trip to Moscow has its main event, because heavy Mark Hunt and Aleksei Oleinik will collide in Russia on September 15. The initial match came to ESPN’s public attention Ariel Helwani and MMA Team Dagestan, but it made an interesting trip on Tuesday. At Instagram, Vitor Belfort published a photo with UFC president Dana White, where a white tint of matching information was seen in the background. While Belfort has since deleted it, the Internet is missing something, and Reddits MMA subreddit, / r / MMA, catches it.

UFC confirmed later through their official Twitter account. Currently, Hunt No. 8 is in the UFC’s official heavyweight rankings, while Oleinik is in the 11th position. That said, Oleinik is 3-1 in his last four, including two Ezekiel choke ends, while Hunt is 1-2 with no contest. Hunt has, however, won a higher level of competition then, against Brock Lesnar, No. 6 ranked Alistair Overeem, Curtis Blaydes 3rd, and Derrick Lewis 2nd overall during that time.

Oleinik’s last three victories were against unresolved opposition, while his latest defeat against Blaydes, so this match against Hunt earns the opportunity to strengthen himself. a threat to the heavyweight division of the UFC. UFC Fight Night Moscow Ultimate Fighting Championship will debut in Russia on September 15th with UFC Fight Night 136 at OS Stadium in Moscow. The main event for the upcoming show was officially announced on Friday with “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt against representatives of state owner Aleksei “The Boa Constrictor” Oleinik.

 On his recent trip, Mark Hunt (13-12-1, 1 NC) led a defeat by deciding against Curtis Blaydes, when the pair quarreled in the same title at UFC 221 in Perth in October. Two. Earlier in his MMA career “Super Samoan”, such legendary beats as Wanderlei Silva and Mirko Cro Cop, just to name a few.

UFC Fight Night 136: Mark Hunt vs. Aleksei Oleinik

In addition, his CV contains a series of notable Kickboxing wins in the initial period of K-1. Alexey Oleynik (56-11-1) comes from the victory over Junior Albini, who won the UFC 224 in Rio in May. In November last year, he suffered a TKO defeat against Blaydes, who followed a two-point draw with Travis Browne and Viktor Pesta. Hunt vs Oleinik is scheduled for five rounds. “We will not bury him if he comes out fighting here,” Dana White Complete the bill, ranked No. 8 in the heavyweight category, Hunt, could receive a new UFC deal on the table. According to the Daily Telegraph, UFC President Dana White said the campaign could “even seek to extend the contract.”

“Hoor, Mark Hunt is a bit attractive, but he’s also a warrior who has done some great things,” White said. “And we are in the game, so we will not bury him if he is out of the ordinary, we will put him in good fight and also consider renewing his contract. ” Other matches for UFC in Moscow are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Mark Hunt vs. Aleksei Oleinik

Mark Hunt

Hunt (13-11-1 MMA, 8-5-1 UFC), who met Curtis Blejdes (9-1 MMA, 4-1 UFC) at the UFC 221 event this weekend, was locked in a French battle. deal with UFC more than a year. Reaching heavier weight when he felt the organization deliberately allowed Brock Lesnar to compete with the banned substances in his system against the UFC 200 in July 2016.

“Super Samoan” has been involved in drug rallies for several years, so much that he feels he effectively catapults his relationship with UFC. Hunt, 43, said it was fine because after finishing the last three games of his contract, he plans to complete his career elsewhere. Hunt told Mumayuki: “I was reminded all the time when I was the oldest warrior in the universe.” I had three UFC battles, because I did not have a good result with so many things that happened to them. Everyone knows I’m in court to have a normal playground. They call me a mad dog, but they all can get (clarification). I survived the PRIEST ERA, where everyone knew how to drink juice. Now I am here and they are trying to do it even. “After three games against the UFC, I want to fight globally three more times and then retire.” “I want to go out with the best form and compete.” I feel that I can compete with these young men, although they are half from my age. “

Hunt spilled resources in his legal battle with UFC for months, and at the moment, there is no end to his view. However, Hunt is determined to continue to promote, because he believes that this is an important issue for the sport that should not be eliminated. For Hunt, he said the impulse to detect any indecent play with Lesnar’s situation was very important to him. It remains to be seen how long his case is dragging on, but Hunt says that to improve the sport, he will not give up the pursuit of justice.

“Perhaps it will not do anything (to me), but at the end of the day, it will do something for people passing through, boys and girls to the extent,” said Hunt. “The message we send today is fine to lie. The message we need to send is the same as in the (UFC heavyweight) Stypo (Miocic), the hard work at the top.You can not progress without hard work. We’re sending the wrong message right now, when all these fraudsters can make shortcuts on the keyboard. They do not deserve to be here. They should not receive money or confirm anything, because they use shortcuts. “

In fact, he is the UFC’s oldest UFC player, Hunt may have more reasons than anyone who is trying to create an advantage for himself. However, he refuses to do so because he wants to set a positive example of what a clean athlete can do. Hunt, ranked number 10 in the United States DENES Sports / MMAjunkie MMA ranking, remains among the best warriors in the world. He will try to extend that position when he meets Bleydes on the 14th place in the pay-per-view group, which takes part in the Perth arena in Perth, Western Australia after the introduction of FS1 and UFC Fight Pass. Although he admits he does not know anything about Bleydes, when the match is released, Hunt happily accepts. After a solid training camp, he said he was ready to take action.

“I do not know anything about Curtis,” said Hunt. “I’m not disgruntled with Curtis, I’m asking him whether he’s an honest, clean fighter, that’s all I ask.” “That’s all I asked.” “Of course you can not look at Curtis.” This is a difficult component. tried to fight me and put me and crush me. I’ll hit my head in the universe. “

Hunt says that if he defeats Blaise, he will ask someone to rank higher than him in a heavyweight. Hunt said he would be interested in a rematch with current champion Stipe Miocic (18-2 MlD, 12-2 Ufc), who took the one-way losses of UFC Borba Noc 65 in May 2015. However, there were only two games in the deal with the Uffeen 221, a head-to-head that could surpass Hunt unless it overcame his dispute with the company and signed a new contract.

Aleksei Oleinik

The man somehow made Ezekiel to muffle his work, just go and pull his second end like that in the UFC, and this time he did it from the bottom half against Junior Albini at UFC 224. In the unlikely event of insufficient feeling that Oleinik, the tender age of 40, has now completed two of his last four fights with a choke that basically no one in modern MLM ever used, see Consider that here in Rio de Janeiro had to do it with blood flowing from both sides of the face. Oleink (56-11-1 MMA, 5-2 UFC) did all in about 30 seconds in this fight before being cut and bleeding. A minute or so later, Albini (14-4 MMA, 1-2 UFC) opens again.

And so it was with 90 seconds away in the fight, he found himself away from clinching half-under guard, his face a mask of blood, as he gripped Albini’s neck with one hand and used the other Use your hands in the throat of Albini. For those who do not know, Ezekiel is one of the ever so stuffy inventors at Ju-jitsu’s gym hall, and by an outsider. It’s a kind of move that you will learn as a beginner of carpet, but then basically never hit anyone with experience. Even in practice. Nowhere is it just insulting. And certainly not when you have no sleeves to catch it for support.

That might explain why, before joining the UFC in Oleinik, the promotion had never seen that fight be over by Ezekiel choking. There are now two of over a year, and both belong to Oleinik, who was credited with 11 wins by Ezekiel in his 20-year career as an MMA fighter. At this point, perhaps we should look to add his name to the movement, as declared Ovinche Saint Preks for a piece of Von Flue choke. At the very least, opponents may need to start looking at it. You do not want to be the 12th person arrested in the sign of Olenik. Not when everyone in the building knows they are coming. For the entire UFC 224 coverage, check out the MMA event section of the page. Green Corner is MMAjunkie block space. We do not understand too seriously, nor you. If you come to complain to us that anything you read here is not a difficult task, hope to repeat the previous sentence in all caps.

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