UFC Fight Night 137: Jimi Manuwa vs. Thiago Santos Live Stream


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17-4-0 PRO RECORD AT FIGHT 18-6-0
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Gb United Kingdom NATIONALITY Br Brazil
London, England FIGHTING OUT OF Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
38 years, 7 months, 4 days AGE AT FIGHT 34 years, 8 months, 1 day
205.0 lbs (93.0 kgs) LATEST WEIGHT 185.5 lbs (84.1 kgs)
6’1″ (186cm) HEIGHT 6’0″ (183cm)
79.5″ (202cm) REACH 76.0″ (193cm)
Keddles Gym (Primary)
Nova Força Jiu-Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu)
GYM Tata Fight Team

UFC Fight Night 137: Jimi Manuwa vs. Thiago Santos Live Stream

Now confirmed that Tiago “Marreta” Santos (18-6) will move from middle to heavyweight Glover Teixeira replacing injured in front of Jimmy “Posterboy” Manuwa (17-4) in the main event of UFC Fight Night 137, Sao Paulo, Brazil September 22nd.

The UFC Fight Night 137 has many hits, with the following battles confirmed by now:

Jimmy Mandu and Tiago “Mareta” Santos
Tonya Evinger vs. Ketlen Vieira
Sam Alevi and Antonio Rogerio Nogeira
Neil Manny and Alex Oliveira
Antonio Carlos Jolie and Elias Theodore
Evan Dunham and Francisco Trinaldo
Luis Enrique and Ryan Spen
Renan Barão and Andre Evel
Sergio Moraes and Ben Saunders
Thales Leites vs. Hector Lombard
Belal Muhammad vs. Eliseu Zelsky Dos Santos
Alex Chambers vs. Livia Renata Souza

Santos, 34, will compete outside the £ 185 pound for the first time in UFC’s career with this fight, so it is the case of unknown territory for him against rival. very dangerous in Manua. The Brazilian fought three times in 2018 and won a unanimous victory over Kevin Holland in the UFC 227 this month. He said that after the Dutchman’s victory that a tough leap had worried him, and now he would have a great chance to make a big impression if he took “W” in his debut. her part.

Manuwa, 38, is hoping to make an appropriate statement about the recent bad form he has experienced. The British artist knocked out two matches lately, recently beating Volkan Oezdemir in the title removed, followed by a unanimous decision by UFC Fight Night Jan Błachowicz to 127.

UFC Fight Night 137: Jimi Manuwa vs. Thiago Santos

Tiago Santos once again participated in a brief battle. This time, he will save the main event at the UFC Sao Paulo next month. Tiago Santos is in the middle of the UFC at the end of the year. In addition to the hurdle for the David branch in Atlantic City, Santos won five innings since 2017, and that the 5-1 section includes a victory over Anthony Smith. Now, like Smith, Santos is heading for a heavyweight. Only this time, he was rescued by UFC Sao Paulo after Glover Teixeira was forced to leave due to injury. ESPN was the first to publish news.

Santos (18-6) is a win over Kevin Holland in the UFC 227, proved to be a very interesting story. It also helped Santos return to the winning streak after the previous defeat of the affiliate. Strangely, Anthony Smith, who was nominated for the title of UFC Moncoton in October, proposed to step down against Mandu. However, UFC chose (wisely) not to sacrifice a major event for another event, and was accompanied by Santos, a great average. Santos also has a reputation as a person whose promotion can be turned into short games. UFC Sao Paulo, a.k.a. UFC Fight Night 137, held on September 22 in Ginassio by Ibirapuara in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Opposing Santos to UFC Fight Night 137 will be Jimmy Manua. Mandu (17-4) lost two consecutive games with Volkan Oezdemir and Jan Blahovich. That made the desperate placard player a winner to hold his place in the top five places in the UFC 205lb division.

UFC Fight Night: Manuwa vs. Santos

Jimi Manuwa

A traditional MMAjunkie radio is to ask fighters about memorable encounters on the streets. Jimi Manuwa of UFC 214 gave a solid result from his long resume. “It’s no secret that I’m not a big angel,” Manuwa told MMAjunkie Radio. “I met so many battles in the streets. I never lost the fight on the street. “

Manuwa (17-2 MMA, 6-2 UFC), who met Volkan Oezdemir (14-1 MMA, 2-0 UFC) at the official opening of the prepaid card for each viewing at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. , described the nightclub encountered more than a decade ago, in which he came with the help of a great friend and eventually knocked out a much larger man. Prior to joining UFC 214 with Oezdemir, he hoped to be his ticket to the next UFC heavyweight title, “watching the video to hear” Poster Boy “flashback. confronted on the street. And to know more about UFC 214, check out the UFC Rumor section of the site.

Thiago Santos

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Thiago Santos had a busy month in July, although he did not enter the UFC cage to fight. A few months after being demolished by the David branch in UFC Atlantic City, “Marette” was offered a replacement Brad Tavares violation in a brief statement against Israel Adessan. Santos fought without hesitation, but he did not know that Tawares really was not hurt.

“Mareta” said he was also invited to play several heavyweights – replacing Volkan Oezdemir before Alexander Gustafsson of the UFC 227 and Mauricio Roa from Brazil at UFC Hamburg. “I want to fight. I am a warrior, I do not choose and I do not wait for the right opponent,” Santos said. “I accepted three battles and this did not happen, they even suggested” Shogun “, but I refused because I was a big fan of Shogun, I told my manager that I would not fight against him. And then they invited me Gustafsson, and the one I accepted, but he refused, I expect that because I am an average person and he is an easy candidate, it would be a big risk for him. But I volunteer. If he says yes, I would like to fight with him – and do not even lose weight. ”

UFC decided to keep Santos as a reserve for the main event of the TUF 27 Finale in the event that something happens with an average weight, and he flies to Las Vegas and gain weight. Adessagna and Tavares were eased to compete, and Santos took the money to thank him for what was there for the company. The average TFT wants to return there as soon as possible and not get much weight after traveling to Las Vegas. A few weeks later, he received a call from his manager, Alex Davis, saying he had a chance to inform him. “I lost the battle, and when we lost, we wanted to go back as soon as possible to change this scenario,” Santos told MMA Borking. “I asked him about the fight, but he never came. They asked if I had replaced Brad Tawares, so I went there and I was doing my weight. And then they asked me if I would replace Derek Branson and I will fight (Antonio Carlos Jr. ) “Kara de Sapato”, but that did not happen. It’s just to wait. ”

Finally, Santos has always been at UFC with Kevin Holland, veteran Belator who had a chance at Octagon, after defeating Will Santiago by a decision in the Contana series by Dana White in June. The match was held on Saturday night at UFC 227 in Los Angeles, California. Weight cuts to reach 185 pounds twice a month are “really sucking,” Santos said, and they tried to make the fight weigh 195 kg. However, he said promoters did not accept the idea. After complimenting the idea of ​​a fight with Gustafsson and being offered a big event against the former champion in Shogun, he does not really bother facing the newcomer UFC.

“I like the fight, no matter who,” said Santos. “I do not waste time thinking about ranking, they allowed me to fight and took them out, and the rangers do not want to hit me because they are ranked higher.” “Some guys are protected by the UFC that they are trying to build.” “What will I do?” I do not want to wait You will not get any younger time It does not matter if you are a beginner of the UFC if you do not have a great name I want to fight, make money, win another, and then see what it will happen. ”

The Brazilian striker did not disclose what he was planning for his wrestling interview, but one of the things he was looking for was the UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden on the 3rd. 11. “Some people do not accept to fight someone who is ranked lower than them, because if they lose, they move in a position and they will never do what I’m doing,” Santos said. “These people are not fighting and UFC does not motivate them.

Sitting a long knockout record for Anderson Silva for most of the knockout in the middle division, Santos is scheduled to end on Saturday. “I see him as an exhibition, holding my hands down,” said Santos. “It’s all I see, I do not want to see an old fight, he wants to laugh, so maybe he’s trying to swear his head, but that will not work for me.” I always fight the same way, and I’m going there to try to beat him. ”

After proving to once again become a corporate man and to step up as needed, Santos hopes to earn a battle with the next 15 next. He does not care about ranking, that’s the truth, but in the big battle he has more motivation. “I will beat this man and say a few things there,” Santos said. “Even so, I have to beat this man.”

UFC Fight Night 137: Jimi Manuwa


UFC Fight Night 137: Thiago Santos


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