8th World University Bridge Championship

8th World University Bridge Championship

Welcome to the platform of University Bridge!

  • At a meeting on 23/02/2007 of the Executif Committee of EUSA in Brussels, EUSA (European Universities Sports Association) has decided to recognize Bridge as a sport in 2 steps :
  • The next European University Bridge Championchip will be called "The European Universities Bridge Cup" as decided by EUSA
  • In 2009, EUSA will organize the first EUSA Championchip
  • This recognition of bridge as a sport is very good news.
    It means that every University and High School recognizegd by EUSA will be informed that bridge is an official sport at this University or High School!!
    • From 9/2006, we start a public University Bridge Club on the internet for university students on Bridgebase on-line via our Bluehost promotion web hosting deal :
      Please register yourself for free with "uni_name" so that we can easily know which university students playing on-line!
      To register, click here
    • University bridge tournaments : we will start playing tournaments on Wednesday 20h PM (Paris Time) and on Sunday 15h PM (Paris time). Go to the public clubs and you will find the "University Bridge Room"
      You can find me with the user-name uni_geert!!
    • Click here for getting interactif classes of "bridge" on internet:http://www.acbl.org/ or http://www.wbfteaching.org/
    • Download here a full class of bridge: (doc)
    • UBA is a fund raising organization to support the development of University Bridge, more specific the creation of bridge clubs at universities and the participation of poor countries at international university bridge events:

    UBA will try to organize internet competitions in the future. As a lot of money is necessary to develop university bridge, so all gifts are wellcome! How can you support?

  • By an anonymous gift
  • For any individual, become a: (This list of Members will be published at the website www.unibridge.org and will give access to the internet university Bridge Room at Bridge Base on-line )
    • Member of Honnor (1j): 50€
    • Gotfather of gotmother (1j): 250€
      • For any company or organisation, become a: (The partner will get publicity on www.unibridge.org via a logo or a banner on the home-page. During the Rotterdam event, 15000 people visited this website www.unibridge.org on 5 days of competition.)
      • Partner (1j): 2.500€

      The bank account for all gifts, partnership and membership is:
      Account Centea in Belgium with:850-0343526-47
      IBAN: BE 22 8500 3435 2647
      BIC of SWIFT: SPAABE22

      Thank you in advance for your support!!

      • The 10th European University Championship ‘University Brdige Cup 2007" will be held in Brugge at the Spermalie Hotel School in Brugge: This school is situated in the historical center of Brugge and is a very nice place for hosting people with of course very good coocking by the students. Information about the hosting: www.spermalie.be
      • The Championships will be held from 4 to 9 August 2007 and will be organized by the University of Antwerp
      • Time Schedule:
      • Accreditation of the players: the 4th of August in the morning and the after noon.
      • Captains meeting: at 18h on the 4th of August
      • Opening ceremony together with the start of the playing: around 19h, depending on the number of participating teams
      • Closing ceremony: on the 8th of August at 19h30
      • Departure: on the 9th of August in the morning
    • Every country can send any number of university teams: it can be a team from a University or High School (at least 2 players must be from that university) or a team from the country. Any University of High School can send any number of university teams.
    • Costs (all inclusif, accomodation and participation fee):
      • studenroom (2 students per room): 240€ full board/person
      • hotel room (double): 340€ full board/person
      • hotel room (single): 375€ full board/person
        The number of hotel rooms are limited. First bookings will be taken into account.
        Please take into account that an extra day of stay (arrival before the 4th of August or stay after the 9th of August) is charged:
        • 50€/person/day in a studentroom
        • 70€/person/day in a hotel room (double)
        • 75€/person/day in a hotel room (single)
        • Registration procedure
          Official registration of a team must be done by doing following 3 tasks for each university bridge team:
          • Task1: Send the excel-template "registrationtemplate" by mail to bridge@sportua.be or by fax confirming before 15/07/2007 following the obligatory information:
            • name of the team (by preference the name of the university)
            • the names of all players and captain(s)
            • the dates of arrival and departure of all players and captain(s)
            • indication if it’s a reservation for studentrooms, hotel rooms (single or double)
            • The FAX::

              • Till 10th of July to Reinhilde Schippers (University of Antwerp) +32 3 265 37 43
              • After 10th of July to Geert Magerman +32 3 353 93 42
            • Task2: Paiment must be done before 15/07/2007 mentioning:
              • name of the country and name of the university team
              • Bank Account:
                Account Centea in Belgium with: 850-0343526-47
                IBAN: BE 22 8500 3435 2647
                BIC of SWIFT: SPAABE22

                Please take into account that an extra day of stay (arrival before the 4th of August or stay after the 9th of August) is charged:

                • 50€/person/day in a studentroom
                • 70€/person/day in a hotel room (double)
                • 75€/person/day in a hotel room (single)
              • please bring with you an attestation of bank paiment!!
              • Task3: Every student must register him or herself here via this website
              • Who can participate?
                • All students from Universities and High Schools in Europe. There are only 2 conditions:
                  • You must be between 17 and 28 years old
                  • You mast have the nationality of the country
                  • You will have to show your passport and student card during the accreditation
                  • Important: If you stopped studying in 2006, you can still participate at the Championships: you can participate the year after the end of the year of your studies
                  • How to reach Brugge by plain or train?
                    • You can fly very cheap to Belgium (Charleroi-Brussels) with the low budget companies: Ryan Air and Wizz Air from Charleroi, you can take the bus to Brussels and then the train to Brugge, or directly the train to Brugge. You can come by High Speed train (Eurostar or Thalys) from France, Londen and Amsterdam. If you can come by car, please go to the website of spermalie to find the location.
                    • Contact for all information and for the offical inscriptions : geert.magerman@pandora.be (Geert Magerman)
                    • Inscriptions : EUSA and EBL (European Bridge League) have the target to obtain a participation of 40 university teams in Brugge.
                      • Following inscriptions are announced on 15/5/2007: Norway (3 teams); Denmark (3 teams), Belgium (4 teams), France (2 or more teams), Poland ( 10 teams), Netherlands (4 or more teams), Tseck Rep (1 or more teams), Turkey (1 or more teams), Germany (2 or more teams)
                        • The 4th World University Bridge Championship organised by FISU will be held in Lodz, Poland from 2th till the 9th of September 2008. After a wonderfull championship in 2006 in Tianjin with 27 University teams, we want it to make it a even bigger success. 2 University or High School teams per country are allowed. Official entries pass via the National University Sport Federation of the country.
                        • Mister Josй Damiani , President of the World Bridge Federation, has been nominated the President of a new organisation, the International Mind Sports Association.

                        This organization is regrouping different Mind Sports like Chess, Bridge, Go and Draught games.The aim of this organization is to engage a dialogue with the IOC regarding Mind Sports for the organization for World Mind Games, Intellympiads. Normally, a big event with a lot of young players will be organized in 2008 in Beijing. More on this comming soon

                        27 University teams from 21 countries participated at the 3rd World University Championship in Tianjin. The Championships were a great success with a super opening ceremony and cultural program, a very nice competion and a good accomodation with a super chinese hospitality.

                        China won the World titel!! Congratulations !!

                        What can you find on this site:
                        * Everything about University Bridge in the World and our events.
                        * The partial results of the existing university network of university bridgeclubs in the World.
                        * As we are starting up, you’ll see this building up gradually!

                        If you have suggestions or remarks, or if you simply want to join me in building up the university network in the World, please send an e-mail to geert.magerman@pandora.be and you’ll be hearing from us soon!

                        Best regards!
                        Geert Magerman

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