8th World University Bridge Championship

8th World University Bridge Championship

Stanford University Bridge Club

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Bridge: It’s not your grandmother’s card game.

Well, actually, it may very well be your grandmother’s card game. But, despite social stigmas, bridge is a fun and challenging game for all ages with depth rivaling that of chess, go, and other popular pastimes. In addition, as a partnership game, bridge is also social—a fun activity for friends and a great way to meet new people. Bridge can be learned by middle schoolers , but remains challenging for 40 year veterans of the game.

This website is obsolete. Please see the new Stanford Bridge Club website here

The Stanford Bridge Club exists to introduce new players to the game and support the game on campus and in the community. Our weekly games are informal and open to beginners and experts alike. If you’re fond of puzzles, math, or other games, have family or friends who play, or are just looking for an interesting hobby, come check us out!

Our games are fun, low-key and open to everyone!

Tuesday 7:30PM– . The Tuesday Night Game is Now Running Once Again…

We hold a Tuesday night informal game, subject to maintained interest. Games will be held at Old Union (next to Tresidder ) on the second floor. You can come late, leave early, and come with or without a partner; players of all levels are welcome. More information is available by contacting Sam: sflicht at stanford dot e-d-u.

This website is obsolete. Please see the new Stanford Bridge Club website here

1-6-09: Happy New Year! We are resuming our Tuesday night informal games this quarter; see the above listing for more details.

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In addition to being a great place to play bridge casually, Stanford has dominated the college bridge scene in recent years. Stanford has the following recent high finishes in the North American Collegiate Bridge Championship (the most widely recognized competition for bridge at colleges in North America ):

1st Place . 2003

2nd Place , 2004, 2007

3rd Place , 2005

Stanford is also well represented in the Fifth Chair Junior Team Collegiate Championship, which is open to teams from around the world. (In this event, teams are allowed to consist of members attending different colleges.) Since the year 2000 teams with Stanford students on them have taken first place three times.

In addition, Stanford students have represented the United States in international competition numerous times in events like the World Youth Team Championship, World Junior Pairs Championship, World Schools Team Championship and World University Championship.

Stanford students also have won national events such as the Non-Life Master Pairs and the Flight B Grand National Teams.

Questions about bridge, Stanford, bridge at Stanford, or this website should be directed to club president/dictator-for-life Eric Mayefsky— [his last name]@[the school he attends]. edu

ACBL Unit 503 — Stanford/Palo Alto/Mountain View (this includes information for the Palo Alto Bridge Center , the nearest full-time ACBL-sanctioned club to Stanford other than the on-campus game)

Learning to Play

Popular learn-to-play software can be downloaded here (along with other resources for new players).

Bridge Partner offers bridge lessons for 4th-8th graders in the Palo Alto area, and also offers job opportunities for those interested in teaching bridge to youngsters.

Unit 503 also offers classes for beginners in Mountain View .

Bridge on the Internet

Bridge Base Online is the best and most used internet bridge service around. (It’s free!)

If you’re ready to check out some interesting hands and other fun bridge goings-on, check out some of the following:

Li-Chung Chen and Mike Develin’s Bridge Problems Blog

Bridge Tales which includes interesting hands from the 2006 World Youth Team Championships

The long-running old Stanford Bridge Club website maintained by Ted Hwa has older material on bridge at Stanford, if you’re looking for something that’s not here. (Thanks Ted!)

This website was last updated on January 6, 2009.

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