7th World University Boxing Championship

7th World University Boxing Championship

EUROPEAN BOXING UNION asbl В Article 1 – Introduction 1. These regulations shall be extended to all EBU Championships and the Championship bouts shall be governed by the EBU boxing rules in full agreement with the affiliated member in charge. 1.1. Subject to the following, any Boxer shall be permitted to issue a challenge for the title of European Champion. Such challenges in the case of eligible Boxers must be made through the Affiliated National Association by which the challenging Boxer is licensed. В Article 2 – Role of E.B.U. 2.1. European Championships shall be controlled by the E.B.U. through the E.B.U. Council which shall be responsible for conducting such Championships in accordance with these Regulations. .

296 Lovsetvegen 722 Melhus Norway Leidulf Gravrak, CEO Roger Rosmo – General Secretary Tel. +4791103563 e-mail:В leidulf@pro-boxing.no .

Krisniceva 30, 51000 Rjeka (CRO) President В Mr Rifo KAMBEROVIC General Secretary: Mr Harry GORIAN Tel +385-51-641700 mobil +385-98421300 E-mailВ hspbs.boxing@gmail.com .

RUSSIAN BOXING FEDERATION Luzhnetskaya nab. 8 119992 Moscow (Russia) e-mail reception@rusboxing.ru or fbrreception@mail.ru Tel. +7-495-6370742 В General Secretary : Umar KREMLEV В Deputy Gen. Secr. Kirill SHCHEKUTYEV .

Article 1 – The Ring 1.1 The enclosure or ring shall consist of a square of a minimum of 5,5 metres and a maximum of 7,3 metres along each side – these distances being measured between the ropes. 1.2 The floor shall be solid and properly boarded and shall extend beyond the ropes to a minimum of 0.6 metres on all sides. The floor shall be covered with a thick and tight canvas under which t.

В EBU Championships (1 Referee + 3 Judges): Officials: € 700,00 each – Supervisor: € 700,00 – Belt: € 1.000,00 В Championships of the European Union & External-EU (1 Referee + 3 Judges): Officials: € 400,00 each – Supervisor: € 400,00 – Belt: € 1.000,00 В Women EBU Championships (1 Scorin.

EBU Board Meeting – 2nd June 2017В – Brussels Starting fromВ 1st September 2017,В the EBU Champion belts, due to the increase in production costs, В will cost Euro 1.000,00 per unit. В EBU General Meeting – 7th June 2014 – Hamburg The General Meeting decided that -starting from January 2015- the annual subscription fee to be paid as EBU Ring Official will amount to Euro 200,00.

(Swedish Professional Boxing Commission) Ӧstra Nygatan 3 – 732 30 ARBOGA (Sweden)                Tel. 0046-(0) 589 10078 President:  Bjorn ROSENGREN                                   Secretary:  Olof JAHANSSON                                             e.

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