5th World University Floorball Championship

5th World University Floorball Championship

May 20th to 25th, 2012 – Prague (CZE)

CZE (M) and SWE (W) win Gold at 5 th FISU World University Floorball Championship

A first gold for Czech Republic

From May 23rd to 27th, 2012, the 5th edition of the FISU World University Floorball Championship took place in Prague, Czech Republic. The Czech men’s team and the Swedish women’s team took the gold medal in the respective tournaments of this FISU event.

The undefeated Swedish women’s team deservedly won the gold medal. In the final, they beat the Czech hosts 5-2, mainly thanks to a productive second period. There were two heroines in the game. On the Czech side, Anet Jarolímová scored both of the team’s goals, and on the Swedish side, Emelie Wibron found the Czech net three times. The game was played at a good pace from the start onwards. After Jarolímová’s goal, the Czech girls defended their one-goal lead as best they could. In the first period, they achieved their target. The Swedish girls then started making more turnarounds, while the Czechs defended their goal desperately. However, they conceded two goals, from which they were not able to make a comeback. The Team Sweden enlarged the divide even further in the third period. Jarolímová gave the home team some slight hope, but the Czech team was not able to build on its second goal. In the match for third place, the Finnish girls beat Switzerland 4-1, and lined up to receive the bronze medal.

The Swedish golden girls

Missing the gold in the women’s tournament, host Czech Republic had one more chance to win the gold and that opportunity was seized. After a very highly paced game the more efficient Czech men’s team could collect its first ever gold medal having defeated Finland 8-4 in the men’s final. The Czech students took an early lead in the final scoring three times in the first period. The Czech team set about achieving its target from the opening minutes, and they were helped by an early goal from a breakaway, scored by Zozulák. Without much apparent difficulty, the Czechs added further goals, entertained the crowd, and scored with some impressive moves. After the second period they were ahead by 7-2, and the Czech supporters in the crowd were in a frenzy. The Finns only came to life a few minutes before the end, when it was already too late for a comeback. Sweden defeated Switzerland in the bronze medal game.

The 6 th edition of the FISU World University Floorball Championship will be hosted in Singapore in 2014.

Final Ranking

Men’s Tournament

1. Czech Republic, 2. Finland, 3. Sweden, 4. Switzerland, 5. Slovakia, 6. Belgium, 7. Austria, 8. Japan.

Women’s Tournament

1. Sweden, 2. Czech Republic, 3. Finland, 4. Switzerland.


Women’s final: SWE vs CZE


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