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Sport is an integral part of physical culture, a means and method of physical education, based on the use of competitive activity and preparation for it, in the process of which the potential capabilities of a person are compared and evaluated.

The basis of sports is competing activities (competition system, competition). Conditionally understand the sport in the “narrow” and “broad” sense of the word. Sport in the narrow sense of the word is actually a competitive activity, the distinctive features of which are:

a competition system with a consistent increase in the level of competition and requirements for achievements (increase in the rank of the competition);
unification of the composition of the actions through which the competition is conducted, the conditions for their implementation and ways to assess achievements, which is fixed by official rules;
regulation of conduct competing in accordance with the principles of non-antagonistic competition, which are humane in nature.

Sport in the broadest sense of the word covers the actual competitive activity, special preparation for it, specific relations in this field of activity, taken as a whole.
The effect of rivalry is an important socio-psychological phenomenon. It is known that for most productive works, the most public contact is caused by competition and a peculiar excitement of vital energy, which increases the individual productivity of individuals.

Something similar happens during sports competitions, when the competitive situation leads to a significant change in the functional state of a person, there is tuning to a new, higher level of motor activity, greater mobilization of body resources.

Objective indicators change – heart rate increases to 130-140 beats per minute, pulmonary ventilation increases to 20-30 liters / min, oxygen consumption increases 2-2.5 times, body temperature increases, blood pressure increases, sweating becomes worse. All this contributes to bringing the body to a new, higher functional level and increases the training effect of physical exercises.

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